The Lawyer is like the Doctor: we are ready to serve you to provide you the best and more comfortable life. If you save today the amount of a consultation to a Lawyer is the same that if you do not go to the consultation of a Doctor when your health is wrong: tomorrow our problem -far from of disappearing- can have worsened and its exit will be more complex, uncertain and, in any case, more expensive.

The Lawyer or Attorney is the Licentiate or Doctor in Law registered in a Professional College, who works in the defense of the interests of his Clients in all kinds of judicial and administrative judgments, as well as the advise in juridical matter.

A Lawyer collaborates actively with the Justice Power and intervenes in the process of its administration in the bosom of a lawsuit or out of it. The Attorneys are professional people highly prepared to give you the suitable information that you need in reference to a topic or problem of juridical transcendency that afflicts him.

The Lawyer´s professional action is based in the principles of freedom and independence. Joined it, the principle of good faith presides at the relations between Client and Attorney, who is subject to the professional secret.


Our double objective is first to do that the name of our company is synonymous of quality and reliability in the sector in order to obtain a full confidence of our clients and managerial associates and, on the other hand, to obtain his loyalty.

In Bufete Inclán Méndez we are specializing in diverse areas of Law in order to be able to offer our experience and knowledge to our Clients after almost 20 years of professional exercise, using them to their benefit when they come to our Office and entrust to us the juridical defense of their interests. Our professional domicile is placed in the center of Gijón, city placed by the seaside of Cantabrian Sea and one of the most important and forceful cities of the North of Spain.

In our Attorneys' Office, along our professional gait, natural persons have entrusted to us the defense of their juridical subjects, Companies so much national as foreigners, as well as organizations and entities of diverse areas.

One of our major satisfactions is to rely on a high level of quality in our work, since it is demonstrated by the high index of loyalty of our Clients, which remain stablly strictly between ourselves when they need from a legal advice once they carry out their first orders. We want to be grateful for all of them to from here our existence and this is one of the stimuli that help us struggle every day to improve a bit more the index of satisfaction of our sponsored ones.

In pursuit of the maximum satisfaction of our Clients, the Firm Bufete Inclán Méndez works under two mottoes:

"the most important matter of our Office is the matter entrusted by our Client".

• "any problem of our Client has its juridical suitable solution".