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Though Bufete Inclán Méndez has since its foundation a clear vocation and philosophy general practitioner, and our study, knowledge and dedication includes almost totality of the juridical spheres, there are diverse concrete actions in which we feel particularly specialized.

Civil Law in strict sense and the claim of indemnifications derived from civil responsibilities for medical negligence and traffic accidents are in a preferential place in our daily job, together with claims before the non-payment and return of exchange effects (letters, IOUs), admonitory or declarative judgments in request of quantities owed in any concept, execution of judicial or not judicial titles, etc. In addition, our aptitude to write and to formalize all kinds of private contracts or minutes for the grant later of the pertinent public instruments.

It´s very important likewise in our professional labor, on the one hand, Matrimonial Law or of Family that includes fundamentally the matrimonial crises and of family in the slopes of nullity, separation and divorce with everything what turns out to be inherent in them: food to the children, compensatory pensions to the spouses, rate of visits to the minors, liquidation of the legal society of joint property…

On the other hand, Successions Law is very frequent in the forensic practice of every day, and so we take frequently the representation of our Clients in hereditary questions: from the preparation of minutes for testaments, happening for the advice to the inheritors to pay the liquidation of the Successions Tax, up to the division of common thing or the difficult world of the hereditary partitions with and without testament.

We are ready to help you in Commercial or Association Law to advise you in the constitution of mercantile companies and the association modifications of their Bylaws, transmissions of shares or social participations, responsibility of the Managers, situations of merger, split or liquidation of the company, or the complicated world of the former bankruptcies and suspensions of payments, resembled the new figures of the contest.

As for Administrative Law is decisive our juridical assistance in claims opposite to the Public Administration already is state, autonomous or local, as well as the claim against administrative sanctions, specially the relating thing to the sanctions derived from the traffic of vehicles and the road safety; or the processes of necessary expropriation when the Administration does not indemnify you with the due price on having occupied a land of your ownership, so frequent especially in the majority of the big works of infrastructure and roads or in the works that the Town Halls in our cities undertake frequently; the elaboration and assistance to all the phases of the Compensation Meetings as for Urbanism.

Real-estate Law, split un fortunately or not of the general Civil Law, allows us to be your aid before litigations relative to urban leases and horizontal property: dispossessions for lack of payment, claim of overdrafts to bad debts of Owners' Communities, exercise of legal actions of cessation before the disturbances in the possession of the housings for other occupants of real estate due to noises and other troublesome activities… Without forgetting, since it is logical, our special pledge in respecting and demanding that every rights of ours must be respected which as consumers the laws guarantee to the citizens at the moment of acquiring a housing, or to write a contract of sale, or to demand the damages and prejudices that for decennial responsibility it incumbes to the builders, promoters and High Direction of the works.

Finally, Criminal Law is another one of our favorite fields of action, and in it the penal defense of a defendant places in front of the Courts of Justice of any jurisdiction, included the Military one, as well as the exercise of the particular or popular accusation when the circumstances push us towards it. From the habitual crimes against the property or against the public health (drugs traffic), or the crimes against the traffic safety (the popular "blood alcohol level"), up to the association crimes, against the life (homicides, injuries), against the freedom of expression, the Tributary Agency or the most generic punishable insolvencies.

In all of them, only enumerated by way of example, Bufete Inclán Méndez can play a great work in the defense of your interests if you are accused or victim of the supposed crime or lacking committed.


• Matrimonial Separations
• Divorces
• Liquidation of Joint property
• Food and Compensatory Pensions
• Heredities
• Successions Tax
• Medical Negligence
• Real-estate
• Contracts
• Exchange Law
• Claims of quantity
• Different Juridical Consultations


• Companies
• Bankruptcy
• Suspension of payments


• Ordinary General Criminal Law
• Special Military Law
• Judgments of Mistakes
• Traffic accidents
• Constitutional Court


• Administrative Claims
• Expropriations
• Urbanism
• Fines of Traffic