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Civil Law

Civil Law

The Civil Law is the most representative in the daily actions of our lives, since it is the one that governs the relations deprived among the people. This fact derives sometimes in source of conflict that, in most cases, it needs the help of a few professionals who orientate you adequately to be able to defend better your rights against the authority that corresponds.

From Bufete Inclán Méndez you can find the necessary help and a professional assistance and personalized in all the fields in which the in force Civil Law is removed with details as follows:

* Real Laws: it is included in this one everything relative to the property, the possession and to the real powers that the same ones take attached. With the help of our experience and to be able to do you will be able to solve all the problems that arise in order the acquisition of the property in its different forms for purchase, acquisition, usucapion or possession continued under the pretext of owner during the time that the legal regulations indicate, for heredity or any other way established by the law; the constitution and dissolution of coparcenaries or communities of goods, division of the common thing, the regulation of special properties, the regulation of servitudes, usufructs, census and enfiteusis, and so on.

* Obligations and Contracts: our Attorneys' Office is for helping you for the regulation of all kinds of civil contracts, as well as to attend you in all the incidents that the same ones can manage to raise in the future for its extrajudicial resolution or in front of the Courts of Justice. Without forgetting of always difficult and relevant Exchange Law, a type of the general Civil Law that is fundamentally focused in the claim of titles to execute: bills of exchange and IOUs.

It´s very interesting, for the frequency in the one that appears in our daily life, the real-estate business, relative to the dealing and lease of real estate, and that for it gets a specific treatment and separately.

* Family Law: in Bufete Inclán Méndez you will find some professionals specializing in all kinds of matrimonial conflicts, that in a confidential and personalized way they will advise and represent you in such an intimate and delicate matter as this one to carry out your separation or your divorce of the least traumatic way for you and for your family, and simultaneously more suitable for your own particular interests.

Aspects such us the compensatory pension after the cessation of the conjugal living together, or the establishment of a system of visits of the minor children in the suitable marriage and that is respected by both progenitors and exercised in benefit of the child, are only two examples of the fields that we can include when we help you to overcome the conflicts that any matrimonial break endures.

You also will be able to find the one who advises you as for incapacitations, and the one who attends you at the moment of getting judicially or to solve all the incidents that carry the guardianships or prodigality.

Civil Law

* Successions Law: with our technical assistance we will help you to realize all the steps that supposes the grant of your testament in order to make your last wills perfectly established. By the same way, we will attend you in the opening of the heredity of a deceased relative, carrying out the testamentary succession (if there is testament) or "descent" (if it is not), which sometimes it needs before a resolution that determines those who are the inheritors of the deceased or causative person.

Do not doubt it, in Bufete Inclán Méndez we are waiting for your consultations.



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