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Administrative Law

Administrative Law

The Public Administrations, every day, adopt decisions that concern our lives; and it is in the triple local, autonomous and national area.

Unfortunately, many of these decisions are taken sometimes of arbitrary or unjust form, injuring our rights as individuals or as a company.

To attack these illegitimate situations and to restore the legality is necessary to formulate claims or administrative resources. In other times, upside-down, what we claim is that the Administration grants a right to us. In both cases, it turns out necessary to enjoy a deep and exhaustive knowledge of the prolix Administrative Law and the jurisprudence that is applied in every time.

The administrative claims are in the habit of having as purpose that an administrative entity grants us a grant, permission, subsidy or license. Bufete Inclán Méndez can facilitate the means and the necessary information to you to realize successfully this type of activities.

Nevertheless, it can happen -and it happens frequently- that the administrative claims, though they are perfectly well-taken, they are scorned by the Public Administration, or that this one does not solve our requests in the time fixed by the Law. In this case, we still have request the guardianship of the Courts of the Contentious-Administrative order to achieve the recognition of your legitimate pretensions and the respect of the in force legality. With our wide experience, we can represent and defend you in this kind of procedures opposite to the Administration before the jurisdictional organs of the above mentioned order.

Administrative Law

Everybody knows that in the administrative sanctioning relative procedure to infractions of Road Traffic, the Administration frequently commits a lot of procedural irregularities when it instructs the process (this happens often since the agent claimant formulates his denunciation against the driver), which, except that the individual is advised adequately by a competent professional in Law, or he is himself the affected one, derive in a practical defenselessness of the average citizen and in his condemnation in spite of the fact that this one was not responsible for the infraction. This one is precisely one of the fields in more experienced which we are, enjoying the sufficient knowledge and experience to defend the interests of the individuals when they are accused by the sanctioning device of the Administration. This is one of the areas where we are much better specialized, and we have a deep knowledge of the legislation that in the last times has worsened considerably and in which the infractions on this matter not only involve the condemnation when some pay increasingly large economic fines, but, in addition, they suppose in occasions the loss of points of the driving license and, of course, they can end up by provoking the total loss of the same one; a dangerous supposition for any citizen but specially in case of the professionals of the road: lorry drivers, taxi drivers and so on.

We know that the base of which an administrative resource as for sanctions of Road Traffic prospers needs that the appellant is advised by a professional in Law who can discover almost always habitual formal faults from which the Administration agents who intervene commit in the instruction of the process, to realize a good proposition of means of proof, to fulfill scrupulously all the period, etc; it is necessary to be able "to look for” the faults to this frequently tortuous one to pass of this type of administrative procedures. There is where it´s possible to gain 75 % of the resources interposed by the citizens.

Bufete Inclán Méndez is an Attorneys' Office specialized in all of this.

Do not doubt it: we are waiting for your consultations on this matter.



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